A young Wallabies fan touring Japan has had a shocking thought today.

Sipping upon a 9% Strong Zero, a popular drink made from shochu that he purchased from a humble little store on a train platform, the young man shuddered trying to imagine what would happen if this shit was allowed back home.

Flying through the Japanese countryside at just over 300 clicks an hour on a punctual Shinkansen or ‘bullet train,’ Phil Roberts said that thought scared him.

“Honestly, if you could walk into any convenience store, train station, or supermarket and pick up a 9% drink for less than a couple of bucks, I would hate to think what would happen to our nation,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s rash to say that we would be living in a post-apocalyptic type world within 6 months?”

“We have a long history of proving that we can’t have nice things; like public toilets free from piss all over the seat and floor, and the ability to be able to drink wherever you like.”

“And you can only imagine what would happen if you could get your hands on a cold Strong Zero at the drop of a hat.”

“But here, they seem to live in the future, bullet trains, space toilets, and 9% drinks that make people feel good without fighting.”

“You can only marvel.”


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