Recent nature documentaries are undergoing a new trend, moving away from the natural effervescent symphony of nature to shoving in our noses how much we have ruined the life of every single species simply by being alive.

Drawing attention to this is the new nature documentary Earth Zero which shows the devastating effect global warming and overconsumption has had on the natural world.

Unfortunately for the team behind Earth Zero, a creative choice may mean the documentary will fail to captivate audiences as it is not narrated by David Attenborough. 

Instead of relying on the grand and poetic voice of fabled British natural historian Sir David Attenborough, the production team opted to go with some other narrator who for all we know could just be someone who has arguments about appropriate pizza toppings on the internet.

“This is so wrong,” stated one test audience viewer while watching a baby turtle suffocate in a plastic bag.

“Why isn’t David Attenborough narrating this?”

Earth Zero creators have stated they hope people will be able to see past their choice to have the documentary narrated by an unknown climate scientist who will actually be alive to see most of these species go extinct and eventually fight to the death for clean drinking water.

At the time of writing, a petition to have Earth Zero redubbed with David Attenborough doing the voice has over 150,000 signatures.


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