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The President of The United States is apparently now questioning his position as the most powerful man in the world, after seeing crowds of anti-Brexiters protesting his existence in London.

Hundreds of thousands of protestors have gathered in central London on Friday, intent on mocking U.S. President Donald Trump on his only full day of business with British leaders on what was dubbed a “working visit” to the United Kingdom.

The anti-Trump protests included several organized marches by varying groups, who appear to be still hurting about how wrong they got the whole BREXIT thing.

The most was a giant balloon depicting the U.S. leader as an angry, screaming orange baby in a diaper, clutching a cellphone with Twitter on the screen.

“Trump baby,” as the balloon is known, was flown high over Parliament Square in London, but Mr. Trump spent the day miles away from the center of the British capital — and the protesters — in meetings with Prime Minster Theresa May and then later with Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr. Trump has acknowledged that he feels unwelcome in the British capital, suggesting it was part of the reason he didn’t spend much time there during his U.K. visit, and is apparently questioning his position as President.

“President Trump has been forced to take a long hard look at himself after seeing how many random English people don’t like him” said one White House spokesperson.

“He’s thinking maybe he’s the wrong person for the job. Judging by the response of people who can’t vote for him and actually don’t concern him”


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