Just a couple of weeks into his Prime Ministership, Anthony Albanese is under fire.

In his first few weeks in the top job, he’s been hit with prices surges, interest rate raises and some tough meetings on the international front.

And now, the Random Souths PM has been spotted going soft on China, just like his critics said he would.

At 12:30pm yesterday, it was reported that Mr Albanese was spotted at a service station bain marie ordering spring rolls when there were housemade potato scallops right there for the taking.

“Look how easily our so-called Prime Minister has fallen under the influence of Chinese culture,” stated Sky News pundit Rowan Dean, who is at least in the top 3 worst things to come out of the Gruen franchise.

“Clearly it shows a lack of interest in Australian values. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you go to looking for a fork in your cutlery draw one day only to find it’s all been replaced by transgender chopsticks!”

At the time of writing, the PMs office has refused to give a statement on why Albo picked spring rolls over potato scallops but confirmed that he did have them with sweet chilli sauce because what moron wouldn’t.


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