Sir David Attenborough has spoken out today, revealing that he’s been overwhelmed by the reaction to his joining of the Instagram platform.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this morning the British naturalist said he’s enjoyed ‘hopping on the Gram,’ but has been a bit taken aback by all of the women hitting on him.

The voice of nature documentary’s around the world, Attenborough joined the network a couple of days ago and broke Jennifer Aniston’s record for the fastest to a million followers.

And with that, the 94-year-old said a lot of attention has come his way, particularly from younger ladies.

“Wow, it’s quite something. Quite peculiar” explained a flustered Attenborough.

“I have been blown away by the – how should I say it – courtship and mating advances made by a lot of young females towards myself.”

“Some of these young women are saying some rather graphic things they want me to do to me, and to them,” explained Attenborough who has a new documentary detailing the human impact on the planet coming out.

“I really am flattered, by all of the attention, but I’m just here to help spread awareness on how we should be acting to combat climate change.”

“But nice to know I’ve still got it I guess.”


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