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Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been slammed by the man who gave him the top job today after he criticised him for meddling in federal politics.

Newspaper mogul Rupert Murdoch, a minor stakeholder in The Advocate’s parent company, lashed out at the once-popular politician in response to the criticisms, saying Rudd is ‘ungrateful’.

“How fucking dare he,” said Murdoch this morning via Skype.

“Such an ungrateful little prick. Who does he think made him Prime Minister back in 2007? The Australian people? Who does he think tells the Australian people what do think? A fair and balanced fourth estate? Get fucked,”

“If only he behaved properly, he’d have a proper job now. Look at Kim Beazley. I made him Governor of the West. Keating? I buy him a new clock every year for his birthday. Hawkey? We smoke cigars together inside like Persian kings at least once a year. Rudd? Pushes shit up a hill in Manhattan and lives in Queens. Go figure. If he apologises and kisses the sole of my Hush Puppies, I’ll make him the UN Chief.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Rudd’s office for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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