As Australia comes to terms with another bad day of numbers from the two most populous states, a new report has revealed that things are still pretty sweet over the Tasman.

It’s been confirmed in a new report this week that New Zealand is now just showing off.

This follows the news that Aotearoa checked off 100 days without community transmission of Covid-19 on Sunday.

“Yeah, surprise surprise, we are better than you, again,” said the Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“You always take the piss out of our accents and treat us like a little brother or sister, but in reality, we are so much better than you,” laughed Ardern.

“We are usually miles ahead of you culturally, socially, and economically, and now we’ve got you covered on this Covid thing too.”

“I know you’ve seen the crowds at our Super Rugby game, and the fact our social life is pretty much back to normal.”

Her comments follow the fact that New Zealand’s economy seems to have somewhat weathered the storm, without needing a mining boom like ours did during the GFC, and the little island nation is keeping the virus effectively off there shores.

“Don’t give me the shit that we are a little island at the end of the world, you are at the end of the world too, you just let sick people run around and security guards root the locked up ones.”

“Anyway, all the best too you, I hope you can make your way over here later in the year to get pumped in the Bledisloe.”


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