Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has today learnt how expendable he is when it comes to the historic bond shared between the United States of America and the rest of Europe.

Day one of a week long European summit of world leaders has gone awfully pear-shaped from the Australian PM, after the French President openly told journalists that he believes Scott Morrison is lying about the series of events that led to him scrapping a $90 billion submarine deal with France.

In fact, this rapidly deteriorating relationship between Australia and France is only leaving Scotty even more exposed on the world stage by the minute.

After tearing his own government apart by forcing the National MPs to agree to committing to Net Zero so that he could have a reason to actually go to Rome and Glasgow to discuss carbon emissions with the rest of the world leaders this week – it seems the only thing that will come from this little overseas jaunt is international headlines about how Scotty betrayed the French the night before he announced a new submarine deal with the UK and US.

Australia’s trade partnerships in Europe appear to have been damaged irreparably, now the world knows that Scotty From Marketing was more than willing to throw one of the EU’s biggest economies under the bus so that he could be photographed alongside Biden and Johnson to talk about war – in a last ditch effort to convince Australian voters to elect him again.

The sitation has become so toxic that is now blowing back on the USA, with President Biden frantically apologising to the French President Emmanuel Macron over the “clumsy” blindsiding of France with the rushed AUKUS nuclear submarine pact.

“It was not done with a lot of grace,” Biden said as he met with Macron during the G20 summit in Rome.

“I was under the impression that certain things had happened that hadn’t happened,” Biden claimed. “I was under the impression that France had been informed long before.

“I honest to God did not know you had not been” Biden insisted.

With Biden now giving his half-hearted commitment to Australia the flick in favour of savouring his relationship with the scorned French President, Scott Morrison has now backed himself in a corner with no friends willing to nail their flag to him.

It seems Scotty is now regretting his decision to only travel to Europe with his Energy Minister Angus Taylor and four cameramen to document the underwhelming photo opportunities, instead of a couple foreign policy advisors that might be able to help him dig out of this hole.

His response to Biden’s backpedalling has been to continue lying on the world stage, and insist that he had definitely kept the White House informed of his non-existent communications with the French government.


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