American heiress and cosmetics billionaire Paris Hilton has today been quoted in some soulless Hollywood magazine with talk or reigniting the flame with her ‘one true love’.

She is, of course, talking about Australian heart throb socialite and the inspirational pantsman known as Robert ‘Millsy’ Mills – who changed the game for frosted tips in the early 2000s when Ms Hilton was reportedly ‘into him’ and the media reported it as if they had rooted because that was exactly what we wanted to hear.

While Hilton has since upgraded from the Motorola flip phone, she says advancements in technology and social media has made her 16-year heartbreak much worse.

Close friends say that the former Australian Idol contestant is constantly in Paris’s Instagram newsfeed with photos of him hanging out with all the friends she made while she was over here. Namely, Osher and Cosima De Vito.

It is believed that Australian reality TV and theatre star, Robert ‘Millsy’ Mills, has not been answering her calls because he’s married and that was a one time thing that we don’t even know if it really happened because the entire yarn is based off one photo of them at the Melbourne Cup together in 2003.


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