Buckingham Palace is dealing with a PR bombshell this morning, after revelations emerged overnight about a notable figure’s suspect behaviour.

Less than a day after appearing in a cute video with the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee, Paddington Bear has been named in Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs.

If you aren’t a Royal enthusiast, the Queen proved ‘a jolly good sport’ as she acted alongside the CGI bear who joined her at Buckingham Palace for afternoon tea over the weekend.

The flight logs in question detail traffic aboard the plane dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ which took plenty of rich listers and celebrities to pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

The pedophile network which had a suspicious amount of high profile people linked to it is now causing the Royal family headaches again, with popular figure Paddington Bear caught up in the ring.

It’s not known how long the Royal family has known about the Bear’s behaviour, but’s alleged that he may have been hiding in Buckingham Palace for some time in the hope of avoiding scrutiny.

However, his appearance in a short skit with the Queen has now seemingly caused the information to go public.

The Palace has yet to respond to the allegations that Paddington Bear has been caught up in network whose leader suspiciously died in a prison cell after threatening to reveal who had been committing crimes alongside him.

It’s believed that there may be no public response, with the Royal family employing a similar strategy to the time Prince Andrew was hit with some pretty damning allegations.

While they are silent on this issue, people within the organisation have revealed that the feud between Meghan and Kate is at an all-time high, with Kate apparently saying some ghastly things about her sister-in-law which will be revealed over the coming days.

More to come.


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