The unfolding security and diplomacy situation in the Pacific region has worsened again today, with a major development breaking across the dutch.

After weeks of concern about China building a military base in the Solomon Islands, it can now be revealed that New Zealand and China have agreed to a historic security pact.

Under the pact, New Zealand will allow China to build a military base on their soil in return for a Yum Cha restaurant in Auckland.

The move comes as another blindside for our national leaders, who have been trying to politicise the fact they ignored all of the warnings about China moving to establish a stronger relationship with the Solomon Islands.

With Labor calling it the greatest foreign policy failure since World War 2, which probably is a bit rich given we’ve invaded a few sovereign nations for questionable reasons, the government has gone to every effort to try to shift blame for their lack of diplomacy.

However, the situation in Honiara now looks as though it will be taking a back seat, with one of our closest international allies going behind our back.

It’s believed the promise of 200 person Yum Cha restaurant with a fancy lobster and crab tank was the sweetener that convinced the Kiwis to cozy up to the international superpower.

Initially, a 4G tower for the region was also requested, but with China playing hardball negotiators eventually agreed on just the Yum Cha restaurant for now.

It’s believed the 4G tower could be an option down the track if the Kiwis agree to lend the Chinese national rugby team a few handy footy players.

While local kiwis are excited about the exciting experience, Australian and US leaders are said to be panicking about a huge military base being established on our doorstep.

More to come.


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