Lovers of good news stories have been left tentative this week as North Korea successfully tested long range missiles. 

Over the weekend, North Korean long-range cruise missiles flew 1,500km before hitting their targets in their own territorial waters after approximately two years worth of development. 

Although the hermit nation has been in a gridlock with the USA about denuclearisation, the news that North Korea managed to successfully test their new missiles actually sounds like a bit of a feel-good story given the current news cycle.

“All this stuff with lockdown, anti-vaxxer protests, Afghanistan, dolphin murders, submarines and all of it while the reef is dying mind you,” stated news casual Alice Todd (26) who gets most of her news updates and general feelings of anxiety from Instagram. 

“It’s like, you almost can’t help but feel a little happy for the North Koreans who worked 80 hour weeks to make this missile test a success. Good for them!”


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