Our neighbours across the ditch have started getting ready for their big election day coming up.

Taking place over the weekend, the Kiwis are set to head to the community hall to vote in either Jacinda or Judith, with the current PM holding a 27 point lead as we go to print.

However, in a sign of the times, the community hall won’t throw it’s doors open and just let everyone stroll in like previous years.

Speaking to The Advocate over the phone in the New Zealand Electoral Commission office that can make international calls, Grant, who manages the community hall says there’s a fair process to make it all COVID safe.

“Gee whuzzz, utz all hepening ova hurr,” said Grant.

“Because of thus virus, we ken not just let everyone waltz un whenever they feel like ut.”

“We’ve got hundreds of Kee wees that need to vote on Saterday and we can’t just let em all in at the same time.”

Grant says it will be a fair task but he’ll be out there with his temp gun and will hopefully get the entire nation through the hall before the sun goes down.

“I’ll unjoy a wee Tui or two after thet, let me tull you,” said the man in charge of making sure all 300 or so votes are filled out and counted properly.

“Anyway, this hall ain’t gonna sweep utzself. I’ve gutta duck off. Up the bloody ABs”


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