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In some positive news for the President of The United States and the Prime Minister of Australia, military strategists and experts have today come to their defence on a recent foreign policy decision.

This comes after the bold and breathtaking move that will definitely be looked upon favourably in the history books, whereby the United States has abandoned the group of people that have been fighting by their side against the enemy for the last couple of decades.

In a foreign policy decision that makes perfect sense, the US has withdrawn troops from Syria and greenlit the Turkish government’s plan to commit what could develop into genocide against the Kurdish people over the next few months and years.

Human rights and morality aside, military strategists have praised the decision to walk away from the progressive, egalitarian and democratic Kurdish people who have been fighting against ISIS in Syria alongside the US for the last few years.

“Despite reports that the Turkish army is helping free imprisoned ISIS fighters and has a history funding and supporting the group pretty much everyone sees as the enemy, this is a great move,” said local military expert Arthur MacDouglas.

“I mean the Kurds helped us in the fight against Saddam and ISIS and so on, but I think it makes sense to abandon the people fighting against hardline dictatorships and militant religious ideology that we have made fighting against one of our number one priorities.”

“Because we shouldn’t be interfering too much in geopolitics you know,” explained the military strategist from a nation that has spent the last 30 years directly interfering in the Middle East and is now pulling out and abandoning the people that have tirelessly allied with Western forces.

“This will do down really well in the history books I think.”


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