In case you aren’t aware, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry haven’t yet disappeared into the anonymity of Los Angeles, like they promised to do last time they did a three hour interview.

It seems distancing themselves from the British Royal machine may be a bit difficult after signing an exclusive contract with major global streaming platform Netflix – which allows more people into their lives than any feral tabloid magazine could.

In a new documentary series released last night, the couple spend three hours detailing the unconscious bias inside the royal family, and defend their decision to quit the institution, as well as their decision to constantly keep talking about quitting the institution.

The highly anticipated Netflix bombshell threatens to deepen the split between the couple and Buckingham Palace, which many viewers did not think was possible, because we already went through all the drama of them officially leaving several years ago, which they haven’t seemed to do yet.

The tell-all covers their initial romance, Meghan’s unpleasant experience of royal life, the unexpected lack of privacy that comes with marrying someone who is literally the son of the King of England, and how all the money in the world could not soothe her rocky relationship with her in-laws.

Prince Harry also said a few things, mostly backing up his wife, but obviously with less enthusiasm because he was born into this life and perhaps feels guilty for not better explaining to his partner that this kind of bullshit comes hand-in-hand with the extreme wealth and privilege he was handed from day one.

However, regardless of how unnecessary and repetitive the Meghan and Harry drama is now becoming, this boring new series hardly holds a torch to the painful and vapid faux-outrage of the Crown’s bootlicking Murdoch commentators like Piers Morgan – who claim to care about this royal drama more than the actual royals who are probably a bit more concerned about the other Netflix program that details the new King’s treatment of Harry’s mother.


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