The juicy, explosive and institution-shattering tell-all Netflix docuseries about the royal family – Harry & Meghan – has left viewers with dropped-jaws overnight.

The first three episodes — focused on the romance, engagement and marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

It also covers the difficult life that the Duchess of Sussex has been thrown into as an American actress from the mediocre TV show Suits who met the youngest son of Princess Diana in 2016 and formed a relationship.

The couple talk about intrusion into their lives, the harsh coverage of their relationship, and the comparisons to the media furore that surrounded his mother separating from then-Prince Charles.

Meghan says her neighbors were paid to put streaming cameras in her backyard after news broke that she was dating Harry, and that’s just the start. What followed were racial undertones in both the British press and inside the palace, elitist commentary surrounding her supposed ‘lack of class’ – and the hostilities between the couple and certain members of the royal family.

It appears that marrying a British Prince has caused Meghan Markle even more grief than she experienced in her past life, working as a paralegal underneath the insufferable New York lawyer Louis Litt.

As anyone who did themselves the great displeasure of watching all 9 seasons of the American drama that launched Meghan Markle into the public eye would know, Louis Litt is by far the most unlikeable man that the Duchess of Sussex has had to deal with – only rivalled by the whispering fixers inside the Royal family.

His ferocious knowledge of the law and his bullying nature have made him a valuable asset to Meghan’s old law firm Pearson Specter, as well as the villainous rival of the firm’s corps of associates. However, the political side of the job has always eluded Louis due to his blaringly obvious lack of social skills.

The Netflix docuseries brielfy covers Meghan’s past life working with Litt, with the Duchess explaining that being followed around by predatory cameras is almost as bad as being ‘Litt Up’ by her former colleague throughout 134 episodes of poorly explained courtrooms drama.


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