Global media giants have effectively stopped reporting on the billionaire sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, not even two months after his body was discovered in a prison cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Initially breaking in heavyweight news mastheads New York TimesWashington Post and other leading daily newspapers, the media has since kind of lost interest in this story.

It is not yet known if the story drifted out of the news cycle because it was uninteresting or if it was replaced by more pressing world events, like Japan beating Ireland in the pool stages of 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The mounting pressure on the long list of high-society billionaires and political, cultural and royal identities that were linked to Jeffrey Epstein also seems to have quelled.

Some say this might be due to the fact that old women who work for the English newspapers don’t like Megan Markle that much, and would much prefer to write about that, as opposed to other stories involving royals.

Epstein’s sex crimes against teenage girls and young women had already resulted in a 2008 felony conviction, which resulted in his 13 months incarceration inside a low security country club.

His remained out of jail until earlier this year, when a couple of journalists who didn’t know their place begin digging into accusations surrounding a global pedophile ring that involved very powerful people.

While questions still remain around the bizarre circumstances that resulted in Epstein being left alone long enough to break his own neck in what was supposed to be a self-harm-proof holding cell, many were quick to offer their own theories for the 48 hours it sat in the news cycle before fading away and eventually disappearing.

Donald Trump was quick to blame Hillary Clinton for his death via Twitter, in what is now a terrifyingly normalised example of Presidential behaviour.

Those linked to Epstein’s inner-circle have gone on to continue their day-to-day lives without facing any probing for their relationship with the late sex-trafficker.

There was a pretty high profile Australian involved as well but even we won’t write about that.

Probably not much more to come.


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