In breaking news from the glitz and glamour of the 92nd Academy Awards, the man behind the viral video of a couple of blokes going fishing has come from nowhere to win the Oscar for Best Director.

Despite not even being nominated in the category the man behind the ‘Not Bhed’ video from the Brown Cardigan production company, has won the top gong in film for a Director.

The short video which got quoted to death on more occasions than imaginable was released last year and seemed to get little recognition outside of social media.

However, stunningly, those behind closed doors in the film industry have awarded the director the highest honour in the field.

The main character in the film failed to beat Joaquin Phoenix for Best Actor however, and wasn’t nominated for any other wards.

In other awards, Renée Zellweger won Best Actress for her role in Judy and South Korean film Parasite won Best Picture, become the first-ever foreign-language film to do so.


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