Fans of drama get ready!

After years of audience speculation, several world leaders have confirmed that a sequel to the iconic Great Depression of the 1930s is underway!

A studio secret for years, the news of the highly unanticipated sequel came from US President Donald Trump who accidentally tweeted it when he was really trying to use Twitter to bully a teenager.

After going viral, the tweet was shared by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison with the caption “How good is an old classic? This time, it’s not Labor’s fault!”

Little is known about The Great Depression Two (working title) but fans of the original are already calling for a boycott of the remake.

“How is this one going to have the focus on manual labor of the original when none of us know how to do this shit anymore?” asked one soft-handed critic.

“I swear to God if they replace the clay pipes with vapes…”

One leaked detail about the remake suggests that instead of ‘will work for food’ signs, the 25% of jobless individuals will take to social media to ask if ‘anyone knows of any jobs going (no weekends).’

A screenshot of depression-era food lines has also been leaked with the caption ‘Today’s Office.’



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