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It has been confirmed today that Kim Kardashian West is without doubt currently studying law.

The confirmation comes after the celebrity posted on social media and demonstrated her inability make it through a conversation without telling someone she’s studying to become a lawyer at the moment.

Speaking to our Los Angeles Bureau Kim Kardashian provided the concrete proof in a conversation today.

After asking Kim about what she has been up to, without any reference to allegations she’s moved into legal fraternity, the daughter of the famous attorney who acted for OJ took little time to tell us she was studying law.

“I’m actually studying law at the moment,” explained Kim, mentioning the fact almost immediately like any good law student should.

“I’m literally surviving solely off coffee,” she then laughed before launching into a spiel about how much reading there is to do, and the law isn’t for everyone but she’s really passionate about making a change.

Kardashian then explained that she’s been offering her unwanted opinion on anything vaguely legal that comes on TV or up in conversation.

“Yeah for lay people, which is like just average people who aren’t lawyers, a lot of this stuff is confusing, so I’ve been using my position for good to sort of educate people about what I’ve already learnt,” she said.

Following the well-trodden path of acting as though she is actually a lawyer despite not completing her degree yet, Kim then explained that she first got inspired to study law after watching Suits.

“Anyway, I’ve got a massive assignment to do so I have to go,” she said ending the interview.


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