American superstar Kim Kardashian and millennial stand up comedian Pete Davison have confirmed their relationship today by holding hands in exclusive photos obtained by paparazzis over the weekend.

The deeply invested Kardashian fanbase are going wild over the pairing of Kim, 41, and the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live star who are now in a romantic relationship – after weeks of rumours.

This comes just months after her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Following in the foot steps of her sister and supermodel Megan Fox – it’s seems Mrs Kardashian West has joined the most recent wave of glamorous American socialites who are going to spend this holiday season shacked up with heavily tattooed white boys that smell like weed.

Of which, there is absolutely no shortage in Australia.

As cultural tastemakers, whose influence spans continents, it seems the Kardashian family have finally given millions of Australian bachelorettes the final nudge of encouragement they needed to head down to the local skatepark with some overpowering perfume splashed across their neckline.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, one local always-a-bridesmaid by the name of Sarah Silva (29) says she’s glad that grimy stoner boyfriends are the next big thing – because she’s always had a thing for those semi-employed lads that spend their days carving up the Betoota Ponds skate park.

“There’s plenty of them!” she says, enthusiastically.

“I’ve always entertained the idea, but Kimmy K has gotten me over the line”

“I just love the way they dress. It’s like Pete Davidson but not one item of clothing costs more than twenty dollars”

“And then there’s the scent. That sexy combination of WD20, rollie cigarettes and that piercing body odour you get from physically exerting yourself in the sun all day long while drinking stubbies of VB”


Ms Silva says that heading into summer, weekend plans are completely centred around now heading down to the half pipe with the girlfriends to see if she can distract one of local skater hunks from whatever new move they are trying to land.

However, history would show that this current trend of getting a boyfriend that looks like he harbours a deep disdain for Westfield security guards is not a new one.

While Travis Barker, Pete Davidson and Megan Fox’s new beau – rapper Machine Gun Kelly – are now recognised by the tabloid media as the first tatted up white boys to land megababes, Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne would argue that she was on to this well before them.


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