A early wave millennial who really enjoyed Kanye West’s music before he got all black and political has today now criticised his new gospel album.

She thinks that making an album like Jesus Is King is such a weird thing for the practicing Christian music producer to do.

This is why Libby Soy (35) has today made it clear, to anyone who will listen, that she believes, in her personal opinion, Kanye West’s new album sucks.

“Why can’t he make songs like Gold Digger anymore?” she moans.

“Why does he always have these drug dealers rapping with him?”

“What happened to the good old days when he’d do songs with Coldplay and U2”

As Libby points out, before Kanye went all super arty with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – his music used to be her go to when she would hog the auxiliary cord at low-key house parties.

“The song he did with that hot guy from Maroon 5 was the best” says the suburban Australian authority on what multi-grammy-award winning American hip hop musicians should be doing in the studio.

“He should make music like that again”

“808s and Heartbreaks was boring… Why can’t he just sing about shopping and college haha.”

“I was in uni when the college drop out came out. Everyone used to make jokes about how if we dropped out of uni we could call ourselves the college drop outs. Haha.”

“I never did but you can imagine… Uni for me was basically just Kanye and Entourage”

It was at this point our reporters became aware that Libby also has relatively lukewarm taste in not just music, but film and TV too.

“Lena Dunham is my spirit animal” she says, before our reporters immediately ended the interview.


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