Author of the best selling Harry Potter series and the gift that keeps on shitting, JK Rowling has made a shocking announcement that has sparked a heated debate amongst the Australian Harry Potter fandom.

While shocking many, diehard Harry Potter fans claim they are not surprised, citing Rowling’s transphobic tweet in late 2019 as evidence that she holds ‘traditional’, pretty crook Dursley-eque values.

And now, despite countless interventions, Rowling took to Twitter over the weekend to wish her Australian followers a Happy Australia Day and inform them that all wizards living in Australia are anti #changethedate.

The series of tweets reads as follows:

Happy Australia Day to all my friends down under. Did you know in Oz wizarding communities are strong advocates of keeping Australia Day on January 26th as many of their ancestors were sent to Australia for practising witchcraft?

This is why Australia continues to celebrate the day of invasion as the wizarding communities covertly use a befuddling charm on the current Australian PM so they hold no interest in changing the date of their sacred day.

In the continuous series of tweets, Rowling also suggested the recent bushfires were the result of an errant Fiendfire demon summoned by rogue greenie wizards and that former PM Harold Holt disappeared in an apparating accident. 


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