Despite being above average intelligence, local man William Robson (34) doesn’t mind the odd superhero film which is why he is annoyed that JB HiFi was playing Black Panther on display TVs even though it only came out about a year ago.

Although he has a computer capable of purchasing items online, Robson entered his local JB HiFi for what can only be assumed to be nostalgic reasons or to buy an early Christmas present for someone he doesn’t know very well.

However well meaning his intentions may have been, Robson received a rude shock when he walked through the TV section and saw the floor display models were playing Black PAnther in its entirety, a movie he hadn’t seen yet but was probably going to.

“Aw fuck, This is the black one hey? I didn’t know Forest Whitaker was in this one!” stated a bitter Robson.

Bitter about having the film spoilt for him, Robson left the store hoping the intense social-political climate in a fast-moving world he understands less about every day would be enough to erase the plot twist he just witnessed as a parcel of information on an entire room of televisions at full volume from his brain.

More to come.


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