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In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has opened up about his biggest regret in his time as the head of the Japanese government.

The revelation has emerged off the back of the current Rugby World Cup, an event that the Japanese have been preparing tirelessly for, and the very same event that the ARU felt no need to promote.

Abe explained that despite having grown men pass out on the street from intoxication, his greatest shame is actually a tourist attraction.

“It sickens me that we have allowed this to continue”

Mario Karting in Tokyo is a bucket list attraction for blokes with low attention spans from all over the world.

“Why do these men want to drive around the greatest city on Earth dressed as video game characters,” he said while throwing up his hands in despair.

Abe went on to tell The Advocate that he intends to avoid Tokyo completely until the go-karting has been stopped.

More to come.


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