The nation of Ireland and its diaspora have this week been dealt a cruel blow.

The small but well-known island off the coast of England has had to come to terms with reality again after their little prince Conor McGregor fell from grace rather unceremoniously.

From County Kerry to Boston to Bondi, those with green and orange running through their blood have returned to the bad old days where they don’t really have much to hang their hat on anymore.

The sad news for the nation of Guinness, Leprechauns and pub fights comes after the nation’s best brawler Conor ‘the Notorious’ McGregor got dusted by Russain fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Speaking to a spokesperson for the Irish ex-pat community in ‘Little Dublin,’ or the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney as they are more commonly known, we were told that flags were flown at half-mast on all civil work sites across the city.

Padraig Murphy the spokesperson explained that the loss wasn’t taken well on Sunday.

“I understand what happened in Vegas like with all those fights like outside the arena on Sunday. Conor was our poster boy like. Something for our country to unite behind. And that was like tough for us to stomach,” the road construction worker explained.

“The Russians have so much to brag about. They’ve gotten away with systematic cheating in sports for generations like, been a world superpower for 100’s of years. Why did they like need to take Conor away from us?”

More to come.



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