Jesus Christ has today announced that he is distancing himself from self-proclaimed creative genius Kanye West after the release of Kanye’s latest album, ‘Jesus is King’.

The album, Kanye’s first since his “Christian awakening” has received mixed reviews.

In a press conference hosted by Pearly Gates Media, Jesus was very clear that the relationship was wearing thin.

“I’ve been tolerating him for a while, and I appreciate the support, I really do, but this new album is taking it a bit too far. And he even plastered my name on some of that shithouse merch. Like, he didn’t even ask me, or offer to cut me in or anything” complained the Son of God.

“And that overpriced shit is an abomination; have you seen it? It’s really damaging my brand, you know? I wish I knew where those shirts are made.”

In an interview with Modest Musician Magazine, Kanye said he had read Jesus’ statement but did not feel the need to respond.

“Hey, I’m not going to clap back, you know, I’m above that. As unquestionably, undoubtedly the greatest human artist of all time, I’m like a God on this Earth so it’s understandable that JC is feelin’ a bit salty, you got me? I mean, I’m the voice of this generation. Jesus should come to me for inspiration if he wants to be influential”.


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