In a dramatic development out of the global financial hub of Hong Kong this morning, protestors have stormed the territory’s parliament; with a dramatic new agenda.

Initially furious at the proposed new extradition laws with China, the protesters have now begun to call for an end to the cattle industry in rural Australia.

After whacking away at thick glass windows until they shattered and then prying open steel security gates to occupy the building, the activists have declared that they will not stop agitating until animal farming in rural Australia is completely banned.

In solidarity with Melbourne’s vegans who protested in their tens earlier this year, the Hong Kong residents have declared that they will not stop pushing people to convert to veganism anytime soon.

Speaking to the Advocate’s Hong Kong Bureau just moments ago, one protester explained that they ‘don’t even care about the extradition treaty that much anymore.’

“Yes the extradition treaty is still a concern for us, but the main focus has now become the treatment of animals on rural Victorian, Queensland and New South Wales farms,” he said.

“We will not give up this fight, and we are backing the upper-middle class inner city elites of Melbourne until we achieve total veganism across Australia and the world.”

Scott Morrison’s office is yet to give a full statement on the issue, but has labelled the protesters ‘unAustralian’ this morning.

More to come.


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