A young Wallabies fan abroad has been craving a little slice of home for a few days now.

So, the Queensland man named James Whitely-Smith decided to hit the streets of Tokyo and try and treat his tastes buds to something familiar.

With a few days to go until the Semi-Final match, he ambitiously bought tickets to, Whitely-Smith said he needed to have some ‘good solid Western food – and not the shit they serve up in English Pubs or at McDonald’s.’

“I was absolutely tonguing for meat pie, and I haven’t seen one anywhere for ages,” he said to us from the small Japanese bar he was currently in.

“So, I put my thinking cap on and found a solution to the problem.”

“Horsemeat Sashimi!”

Whitely-Smith said that although he was nervous at first to try the raw horsemeat, he’s definitely warmed to the Japanese dish.

“It tastes exactly like a classic meat pie from home,” said the young man who has been keeping up to date with the recent revelations into mistreatment and cruelty of thoroughbreds in the horse racing industry.

“How good. I mean obviously I prefer my horse in pie form, but this sashimi isn’t too bad!”


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