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The Royal couple have today wasted little time showing off their little bundle of joy to the world.

With Harry and Meghan introducing little Archie to the Queen and allowing the salivating media a chance to get a couple of photos, the Royal pair have made sure to make the most of the traction they’ve got right now.

Taking to their shared Facebook account, under the name of ‘Harry N Megs’ the new parents have gotten on the front foot in getting their little one in the running to win the Bonds Baby Search.

With the world going mad for the newest Royal baby and everything to do with it, it’s not yet known why Harry and Meghan have decided to follow in the footsteps of thousands of Australian parents and strive for one of the greatest social media prizes of all.

Posting a status with the photo of little Archie, the pair have asked all of their friends on the personal, unofficial social media account to give them a vote.

“Obviously it wouldn’t be fair if we did off our official Insta, so we’ve decided to do it off our own personal account,” explained the Prince to us over the phone.

“And, you know it’s just a great opportunity to post some baby spam in the news feed to remind everyone that we’ve just had a baby.”

“They better be looking forward to monthly baby birthday updates on our account,” Harry laughed before informing us that he had to get back to it.

“Keep an eye out for the black and white baby photos with Megs and I dressed in white sitting in a random field.”


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