The iconic Phil ‘Gus’ Gould has touched down in Sydney just in time for the final State of Origin game tonight.

Set to appear on TV screens in a few moments as part of Channel 9’s coverage, the Emperor of The Riff exclusively revealed to The Advocate today that he’s just spent the last few days on a whirlwind trip to Europe.

While people may criticise one of the voices of rugby league for being out of the loop in the crucial days leading up to the match, Gus said he was perfectly justified in taking this work trip.

Gus explained that armed, with a suitcase filled entirely with Chocolate and Strawberry Oak carton’s, he ‘simply had to’ head to Europe to check out a new venue for the 2020 series.

“This game, the greatest game on earth. The game that we love. The game that we love to hate at times too. It needs a more appropriate venue,” he said.

“So I went to check out the most suitable venue on the planet.”

“The Colosseum.”

“Because, after all, the most awe-inspiring gladiatorial spectacle on the planet, deserves to be played out in it’s spiritual home.”

Gus explained that he spoke with the owners of the iconic Roman venue while he was there and he’s confident he can make it happen.

“It’s my new 5 year plan,” he said.

“They’ll lay the turf and kit it out with all the $8.00 mid-strength plastic beer stalls a couple of months out,” said the excited figure.

“We’ll get Justice Crew or Jet to open for Game One too.”

More to come.


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