Raising the standard for travelers everywhere, eco-tourist Megan Sturges (25) has reduced the carbon footprint on her European Contiki tour by bringing her Keepcup with her.

The law student is enjoying her summer break in the most ethical way possible, by getting drunk in Europe’s best cities every night, before refueling with a carbon-neutral coffee while a bus full of other piss-heads carts her off the the next debaucherous destination.

Eco-tourism is the latest traveling trend that proves you are better at being in different places than everyone else and includes but is not limited to, staying in hillside tiny-houses, paying more to have wet socks and wrestling with children in the third world whom you consider to be ‘new friends’ when you upload the image to social media.

As Sturges travels through Europe with her trusty Keepcup she is aware that while it may not be the most practical solution, she is willing to do her bit to offset not only the CO2 emissions from her fuel powered bus, but the vomit and noise pollution she and her friends plan on leaving in the streets of every European city they never bother to learn the name of.

“I even brought a small Keepcup for expressos [sic] in Italy,” stated Sturges.

“Hopefully they’ll still do me a flat white though.”

White Sturges correctly asserts she is no hero, she says it does not take much effort to make a small difference that will be totally offset by the damage she will impose on the already doomed European continent.


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