After 15 seasons of making the world laugh the beloved animated family sitcom The Simpsons will be discontinuing the subcontinental character of Apu, which marks a huge win in the fight against yellow supremacy.

Thirty years ago, the world fell in love with the four-fingered family and their wacky world which included Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon who was a diverse face in the yellow-bred town of Springfield.

As penance for flying too close to the sun and continuing to make TV for much longer after anyone wanted to watch it, some people have called out Apu for being an offensive Indian stereotype and leading showrunners to discontinue him from the next season that about three people will watch.

This result has been widely celebrated by Jesse Grass types but yellow supremacists are outraged by this decision and are demanding representation for minority characters written and voiced by white men.

“Apu is a cartoon, how can a cartoon be offensive?” asked yellow supremacist Seymour Butts.

“He acts like a convenience store owner, that’s representation. Plus we learn more about him like how he gets in an arranged marriage and cheats on his wife.”

While little is known about how Apu will exit the show, rumours suggest it will be done in a classy manner such as him shitting himself to death due to diarrhoea or being crushed by a giant samosa while yelling “Thank you, come again!”


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