A young couple have today shocked their wider friendship and acquaintance circle, by unleashing a glorious photo dump from Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.

Filled with gorgeous stone farmhouses and aperol spritz’s in stunning coastal locations, the photo dump has come as a surprise to some, who thought the couple were actually doing it tough after buying their first home.

This follows the purchase of a 1.2 million dollar ‘doer upper’ in the French Quarter street that borders our town’s ritzy French Quarter.

Making sure to post the achievement on social media, Brad and Melinda claimed that they had begged, borrowed and stole to be able to get into the house market last year.

However, those claims from some of Betoota Grove’s favourite children have now raised eyebrows – with a decadent European holiday piquing onlookers interest.

“Hmmmm, they were crying about how poor they were last time I saw them at the pub,” laughed a mutual friend of the pair today.

“I guess maybe their idea of poor might be a little different to a lot of other people’s idea of poor,” he continued.

“It’s all relative I guess…”

The couple were unavailable to comment.

More to come.


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