A brief but important break in conversation has ruined a good train of thought at the Lord Betoota Hotel today, as the boys make a return to the pub after months of iso.

It is believed that Vinnie (35, Labourer) was on a good roll talking about this time his mate got punched by a bouncer in Longreach, before his drinking buddy Harry (32, Sales) noticed that his schooner of beer he was holding contained a little bit more beer than he remembered.

“Wait” says Harry, halting all conversation

“Is this one yours?”

“Which one am I drinking”

Other mate, Gibbo (30, administration) was also brought into the confusion.

“What are you drinking?” Gibbo asked Harry.

“I think we are all drinking BB” Harry replies.

“Aren’t we?”

The group of three conclude that, yes, they were all drinking Betoota Bitter, before becoming even more concerned about the possibility of ingesting someone else’s saliva.

“I don’t know” says Vinnie, who’s completely forgotten his train of thought.

“Fuck. I don’t know if I’ve had that much”

The group sits in silence for 45 seconds before Gibbo takes on for the team.

“I don’t give a fuck” he says before taking a large sip.

“Where were you Vinnie?”

Vinnie responds.

“Never mind. I’ve lost it”

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