A downtown Jakartan hairdresser has been thrown a curveball today after a random Australian tourist rolled into his store.

Owner of a hairdressing shop in the district of Kebayoran Baru, local South Jakartan man Reza Setiawan said he and his employees were all rather confused when the strange man came into the store.

Not one to see many tourists from places like Australia, Setiawan said the singlet-clad man-caused eyebrows to be raised when he asked for a set of ‘corn rows.’

“We had to do some translating before we figured out what he wanted,” explained Setiawan.

“I had to explain that this isn’t a traditional hairstyle in Indonesia, but he seemed pretty certain it was.”

After some back and forth, Setiwan confirmed with our reporter that the tourist was in fact Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

“Yes, he said he was the Prime Minister and he had been meeting with President Widodo,” laughed Setiawan.

“But we all thought he was just a bullshit artist.”

“I mean, what type of Prime Minister asks where he can get fake Gucci belts and cheap DVDs?”

“But then we looked him up after and it really was him.”

“It was quite confusing.”

The interesting interaction comes as Albanese takes a band of ministers and business leaders to Jakarta for his first official bilateral meeting.

The purpose of the significant visit is reportedly to strengthen ties between the two nations, with our giant northern neighbour not currently within our top 10 trading partners for some reason.

However, while it has been plenty of work, it seems like there has also been a fair bit of play for the Australian leader, with NewsCorp somehow failing to pick up on the frivolities of Albanese’s trip.

At the time of press, the PM was spotted trying to find an all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal for the night.

More to come.


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