A bloke who has experienced nothing but shit talk and a dead mother at the hands of the salivating media and political castes who have decided his family are more equal than the rest of the world, is surprisingly not into this particular form of imperialism.

The entire commonwealth are still rattled by the news that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have decided to exit the royal family and move to Canada – mostly people that he’s never met and couldn’t really give a shit about.

Some say Prince Harry’s decision to leave his perch high above the pressures of the real world and the day-to-day struggles that normal people experience could come from the fact that he’s spent the last couple years advocating on behalf of injured military personnel sent to war by people born in similar circumstances to him.

That, plus the fact that he himself has served in the military and met a lot of people who only joined the forces because they had literally no other option but to fight the wars for rich old men and risk injury and death.

Others say it could be because of the way his wife has been treated by the vicious British press and the fact that people were upset that they hadn’t asked his grandmother permission to leave home.

Others says it’s because his wife is a bitch and ruining a once-great family of pedophiles and inbred sex pests.


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