US President Joe Biden and his entire family now stand accused of being one of the most notorious crime families in America.

Worse than the Gambino Family from New York and the Winterhill Gang from Boston. Worse than Griselda Blanco’s Colombian outfit in Miami.

This comes as a federal jury in Delaware convicted President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, on felony gun charges stemming from his purchase of a Colt revolver in 2018 when he was addicted to crack cocaine.

Hunter Biden has previously written about his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, which are the type of personal issues not usually expected from the sons of powerful politicians.

But after a traumatic childhood marred by the tragic death of his mother and younger sister Naomi in an car accident in 1972, some would say Hunter Biden’s upbringing was not as joyful as the likes of Chelsea Clinton or Donald Trump Jr.

His addiction and criminality escalated in his forties, after his brother Beau’s 2015 death from brain cancer. Hunter Biden was discharged from the U.S. Navy Reserve shortly after his commissioning, due to a failed drug test. From there, he became one of America’s most dangerous criminal psychopaths.

The mere suggestion that a drug addict would lie about being a drug addict to get what he wants has absolutely rocked the American political establishment.

The verdict was handed down after three hours of deliberations, following a week-long trial in federal court in the Biden family’s hometown of Wilmington.

The jury found Hunter Biden guilty on two counts of making false statements about his drug use when he bought the weapon, and one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a drug user or addict.

Some say this this court case brings to light the very real issues America faces in their failed war on drugs, and the public’s unimpeded access to dangerous firearms.

However, America’s media and political class agree that this is purely a Biden family problem, and only they are responsible for the criminally degeneracy that comes with buying a gun WHILE on drugs, and LYING about it.

Surely this man’s father is not fit for public office.


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