US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has revealed a bold election campaign ploy today.

The Democratic Leader has reportedly contacted Stone Cold Steve Austin to hire him to pay Donald Trump a visit if he goes back into hospital.

President Trump is currently out and about after leaving the hospital following only 3 days of treatment, however, plenty of medical experts are concerned he may need to head back in despite his brash protestations that he feels better than 20 years ago.

IF, that happens, and he does go back in Biden apparently has the Texas Rattlesnake ready to go.

Dr Stone Cold Steve Austin famously donned the scrubs a couple of decades ago to visit the boss of the WWE Vince McMahon, who was in the hospital on a drip for nearly a week for a broken ankle for some reason that doesn’t make sense but was definitely legit.

The king of the Attitude Era then snuck in and dished out an all-time beatdown on the boss with a particularly spectacular bedpan to the head and a de-fib to the chest

Speaking exclusively to The Betoota Advocate Joe Biden, revealed he’s happy to take the astounding measure.

“This is an election campaign like no other, so I’m taking it to the next level,” said Biden.

“And by gawwwwwwd, Stone Cold is gonna send the boss a message from me and the rest of the Democratic Party.”


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