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In these trying times fraught with political turmoil and imminent conflict of an already divided people, a new hope stands on the horizon. With Beyonce and Jay Z announcing the arrival of twins, it has been prophesized that they shall bring balance to the Force.

Sources suggest they will be hidden, the girl to reside in LA, and the boy to reside in Wyoming, as to safely remain beyond the grasp of Darth Trump until the day they are ready to overthrow both him, Emperor Pence, and subsequently the Empire.

“They’ll soon be back, and more powerful than you could possibly imagine,” comments Obi Biden Kenobi, former vice president of the Obama administration, and guardian of the male twin.

“Y’all are wildin’. It’s only four years,” says former president Obama. “We survived a Bush dynasty, unstable Middle East and all. But we made it.”

Analysts predict that the female twin will seek the unsatisfied platform of Hollywood to form a rebel alliance. The very same Hollywood who have openly voiced their displeasure with the current administration, despite being so marginally effected due to their lazer shields of wealth and fame. The male twin shall rise amongst the everyman, from farmers to labourers, and ride a groundswell of political trust, eventually setting in place political stability.

“At an your end your rule is,” says Chance the Rapper to Trump


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