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If Australians thought they were changing their country’s perception on the world stage, a recent video of a snake eating something twice its size has knocked it back again.  

The video in question sees a python, and not even a big one by Australian standards, launch itself from an electricity pole and latch on to a flying bird. After some struggle, the snake was able subdue the bird and strangle it to a slow and likely painful death.  

It’s believed that Australia’s Tourism Minister tried to have the video removed from social media, but was too late as the video had already gone viral and garnered over 15 million media impressions, 60 thousand likes, 40 thousand shares and counting. 

The Advocate’s community manager has been monitoring the world’s response to the deadly video and as the Tourism Minister feared, it’s not good. 

“‘Come to Australia’ they said, ‘it’s safe’ they said. How about no, Australia?” Read a comment from Bubba Smith, USA. 

“Australia is fucked” read another comment, this time from a Suzan Duschanel, British resident.

“It’s such a shame” one social commentator told our reporter.

“I guess some things aren’t meant to change” 


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