As the geopolitical situation keeps evolving in the Pacific, two heavyweights of the region have today revealed their frustrations at the state of things.

With the Pacific Islands Forum taking place this week, Australia and America have once again screamed blue murder about someone else trying to take advantage of their small island neighbours.

“It’s just disgraceful that China thinks they can muscle in and exert their soft and hard power over our cheap holiday destinations,” explained an unamed Australian diplomat today.

“What’s next, they are gonna set up a military base on Bali,” he said.

His comments follow 6 months of headlines about “the Chinese threat in the Pacific,” with China trying to use its resources to establish a military presence and power over small nations like the Solomon Islands – something Australia and the US have never done.

“Who do they think they are,” said the diplomat from an Australian nation that has dismissed the threat of climate change to the Pacific, exploited their workers, pillaged their resources, used their strategic geographical placement for their military security, and tries to ignore the history of abducting and indenturing people from the Pacific.

These comments come as Australia’s prime minister tries to convince Pacific leaders that he is taking the existential threat of climate change somewhat seriously this time around after previous leaders joked about the ocean swallowing up their homes.

“They should be across the change in government and know that we have a slightly different policy,” continued the diplomat that is furious that these small nations might try to explore what options are on the table to provide a benefit to their society.

Thankfully now though, the prime minister of the Solomon Islands has guaranteed there will never be a Chinese military base in his country, saying that any such deal with Beijing would undermine regional security.

The move is a huge relief for the nation of Australia, who are keen to be able to take cheap 14-day South Pacific Cruises and luxurious resort holidays in the future.

More to come.


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