As Australian audiences finish bingeing the second season of American crime drama show, Ozark, viewers say they can’t help but laugh at one glaringly obvious plot hole.

That, is that Wendy Bryde (played by Laura Linney) talking about her dream of moving to Mullumbimby, which according to her, is on the Gold Coast.

“Hahahahah” laughs one Australian viewer, Clare Manningly (37), who had just sat down to watch episode 6 with her family.

“Holy shit [hahahaha]”

Episode 6, which is titled Outer Darkness, features a scene where a gentle supporting character named Buddy says to the long suffering wife of a the film’s lead character, “promise me, when you get that casino up and running, you’re gonna get the hell out of here,” to which she replies: “We have a plan.”

“There’s a small town in Australia. It’s on the Gold Coast. Mullumbimby.”

When asked what it’s like, she says: “Remote, lush. It’s surrounded by mountains. It’s near the water. I mean, it’s a lot like the Ozarks, except people talk funny there.”

The Manninglys, who like hundreds of thousands of other Australian viewers, find themselves in a hysterical fit of laughter, follwoing the matriarchal protagonist’s suggestion that ‘The Gold Coast’ would be a good place to relocate to in order to flee from the gripping drug trade that has tormented her family for years.

“Does she want to escape the criminal underworld, or go straight to the top!?” laughs her husband, Brock.

“What the fuck [hahaha]. The Goldie is way worse than Lake Ozark”

“And Mullumbimby isn’t on the Gold Coast. It’s not even in the same state. These people have been listening to too much Iggy Azalea”


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