Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has leaned into some schooner diplomacy this afternoon, mustering the courage to follow up with Joe Biden about launching the NRL season in Los Angeles.

After knocking back several glass jars at the Henson Park Hotel in Marrickville, it’s believed Albo has added both American President Joe Biden and former Gladiator Russell Crowe into a group WhatsApp chat to discuss the Rabbitohs potential debut in California.

Staring at his phone screen through beer tinted glasses, it’s believed our Nation’s new leader sent off a series of encrypted messages.

“Hey lads, just thought Id kickstart thus chat!”, shot off a mildly inebriated Albanese.

“@Joe this is Rusty mate, he’s keen to help us sort this thing out…”

After a two minute delay, it’s understood South Sydney co-owner Russell Crowe simply responded by replying with two beer emojis and his personal favourite, the sword and shield emoji.

After dropping in a series of potential dates and venues, its reported Albo has flagged that he might need some extra White House support to navigate Visa issues for several players in the NRL fixture.

“Yeah @Joe and the other thing mate, some of our guys might have some prison history, not real bad stuff – but we might need ya help sidestepping customs if ya get my drift…”

Excited by the prospect of showering his believed Rabbitohs with the Hollywood treatment, it’s believed Russell Crowe has also called upon friend and former Les Misérables co-star, Hugh Jackman, to amp up the possibility of letting 34 Rugby League players loose on Sunset Boulevard.

“Haha yeah Joe, our mate Hugh’s heaps fukn keen too…”

“He roots for this team called the sea eagles and every1 hates them, but their fans are rich so they’ll fly to the States to watch for sure!”

Showing early signs of wobbly boot syndrome, it’s understood a slow grin has formed on Albo’s face, after reading; hugh has entered the chat.

More to come.


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