Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has today made good on his promise to try and repair Australia’s standing on the world stage.

After a tough couple of years of trade wars and international roastings, the new Prime Minister has set off to Indonesia to attempt to strengthen ties with our northern neighbour – dressed in his finest kit.

Although Indonesia has a population of 270 million people and is located just above our northern regions, it is yet to move into our top 10 largest trading partners – something which Albanese says he wants to change.

As a result, the PM has taken a cohort of Ministers and business leaders from companies like Wesfarmers and the Commonwealth Bank to try and build upon our relationship with Indonesia.

Making the visit his first official bilateral meeting as the leader of the nation, Albanese has arrived sporting a Bintang singlet, shorts and thongs.

Holding a 500ml bottle of the beer many Australians associate with the nation that they assume is identical to the small island of Bali, Albanese has apparently bid his Indonesian counterpart a very Selamat Siang.

Local reporters seemed perplexed by the choice of outfit, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo also appearing confused by his counterpart’s choice of dress.

After politely turning down a bottle of Bintang, Widodo then welcomed Albanese into his office to chat, with the Australian leader heard asking about where he could get his hands on some cheap DVDs and Arak.

More to come.


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