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A Lake Betoota duplex sold for nearly $200 000 above reserve over the weekend and that’s got one local couple downhearted.

Last Friday, they thought it was well within their half-million-dollar budget. Two young professionals with good jobs and no children, they say, should easily be able to service that mortgage. So did their bank manager down at Diamantina Mutual.

But for the sixth consecutive weekend, they’ve been boomered.

“The bidding started at $450 000,” said Rod Feddenson, who’s been trying to buy a home with his defacto partner, Stella Ridley.

“And we were in it and even went a little bit over our budget but then these fucking decrepit looking old boomer cunts just jumped in a fucking pumped the fuck out of everyone there. The fucking place isn’t worth $700 000 to fucking Gina Rinehart, let alone these gibbering old fucks,”

“This is the sixth weekend in a row we’ve been fucking boomered by these empty nester cunts who sell the big house in Betoota Grove or up the Heights and move into the Old City, Lake Betoota or the French Quarter and keep people like Stella and me from buying a fucking place to live in.”

Rod then apologised for his outburst.

“I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s not fair.”

Stella nodded and added to what Rod was about to say.

“We’re about to witness the biggest transfer of wealth in human history. When the Baby Boomers, the luckiest and most institutionally spoilt generation of all time, finally fucking roll over, their wealth will be transfer to their children – creating New Boomers,” she said.

“The future of this country will be two-sided. Those who have and those who have not. It won’t be between age, it’ll be about class and wealth. Poor Baby Boomers aren’t our enemy, they are our comrades. And because we’re such a docile people, we’ll do nothing about that. But in saying that, what can you do?”

If you’ve been boomered by some upper-middle-class white people over 50, please contact The Advocate with your story.

More to come.


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