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New Zealand all but crushed the Pangolin’s Kiss in recent months, only for it to pop back up in the community in the past few days.

That news shocked the world as the Land of the Long Silver Cloud was touted by experts as being the response by which all coronavirus responses would be measured.

The same could be said about rugby union, where the All Blacks have been the yardstick by which all rugby union success is measured with.

To a lesser extent, cricket, too.

Nevertheless, the world is somehow shocked that New Zealand got complacent and took their foot off the brake and ended up getting stung for it.

Because that’s what New Zealand sporting teams to the best. They’re the best in the world until they’re not. Whether that be for 80 minutes or just one over of cricket.

To an Australian sporting fan, this level of international shock is completely unwarranted. Are Australians sympathetic towards what’s happening in New Zealand? Of course. But are we shocked that it’s happening? No.

It’s time the rest of the world wakes up to this.

More to come.


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