As the Covid-19 Crisis continues to worsen, the world’s Under 50s have today urged the Boomer population to remember how much of an effort everyone is making in the face of a life-threatening global crisis.

With the bottom still a long long way off, and a bookmark put in the Climate Change chapter of recorded modern human history, the world’s out of work young people are today urging the older population to remember this whole thing next time we talk about climate change.

This comes as the third day of trying to figure out what the fuck to do now begins for over a million Australians whose livelihoods are completely fucked.

After decades of inaction on the issue that has been described as the ‘greatest threat to global health in the 21st Century’ by the World Health Organisation, plenty are now wondering if we could put this much effort into stopping the planet from becoming a natural disaster-prone dust bowl.

“I really hope we aren’t even going to entertain the economic effect of Climate Change argument when this Corona shit is all said and done,” explained one local jobseeker on the way to get her CRN from Centrelink.

“My job is gone, I have very little in savings because of the way the property market is geared up and the cost of living in this country, and my prospects of getting a new job are very slim because we are locking down the country to protect our vulnerable citizens.”

“I understand why what’s being done is being done, but I do wonder why we couldn’t have just poured millions into actually trying to enforce the social distancing policy and trying to keep a fuck load of industries alive rather than just shutting them down for a minimum of 6 months.”

“But the people at the top are doing what they believe is the right thing to do to protect the sanctity of human life regardless of the economic consequences on people like me.”

“So I just have my fingers crossed that when we talk about Climate Change next time, the Boomers are a bit more open and understanding and don’t refuse to act because of the relatively minute increase in the cost of living.”

“Anyway, I’ve gotta go and figure out how the fuck I’m going to pay rent now.”

More to come.


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