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A local woman today has had her day shattered after a quick log on to her online banking, where she spotted a debit she’d sworn had been cancelled.

Renee Tran [29] was doing the daily scroll through her online banking statement when she spotted a rogue and unexplained $19.99 from a sewing pattern website she swore she cancelled before the free 30 days had ended.

“What I’m really mad about is the fact that I’d just transferred money around so the account that got debited from had a precise even number in it. Not only did I throw money away, the aesthetics of my balance are also out of whack.” a terrifyingly stern Renee explained. 

“I really couldn’t manage to get anything else done for the day, that $19.99 could have been spent on a feed at Nandos. I’m still going to get Nandos, but now it feels like I’ve had to pay double for it.” added Renee.

More to come.


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