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One of The Advocate’s own has told reporters this afternoon that the final season of popular goblin and dragon variety show, Game Of Thrones, has been quite disappointing in her opinion – but she’s unsure if it’s more disappointing than the pathetic NBN SkyMuster service she used to stream it.

Lucy Crane, a photographer here at The Betoota Advocate, explained that while the writing and production of Thrones has been substandard compared to previous seasons, it’s been basically unwatchable from a technological standpoint.

“Streaming it of a night time is not possible,” she said.

“It just keeps buffering. So guess what? I fucking download it. Which is annoying because I don’t need the stress of waiting around for the police to come get me. The whole business of getting arrested in Queensland isn’t worth it. Getting bashed with those telescopic batons when the bodycams are turned off and everything. I’ve tried it and it’s not for me,”

“Anyway, I’m not really sure what sucks more, to tell you the truth. Thrones or the NBN. I guess only time will tell,”

“The final two episodes have a lot on their shoulders.”

More to come.


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